You are in the right place at the right time!

Hi, I’m Lakeshia and I am dedicated to authentically and transparently teaching women like you how to design new stories in your life in the areas of self-love, education, life management, homeschooling and entrepreneurship that will allow you to live a life with clarity, freedom and intention.


Through all of my education and work experience, what has taught me the most are my life experiences. I have and continue to learn how to be courageous, fearless and adaptable to the changes and challenges that life presents me with.

Listen, you may not have control over the actions of others, however, you do have control over how you respond to each challenge and to create a new narrative. To end a story that no longer serves you. To stand up for yourself, your beliefs and live in your truth. I am here to empower you in designing new stories in your life. Stories filled with:



Peace of Mind





Remember, you didn’t just happen to come across my path, you are supposed to be here right now because this is your time to design a new story in your life.

Maybe you desire to learn how to love and put yourself first

Maybe you are ready to become an entrepreneur

Perhaps you want to homeschool your child(ren)

Maybe you just want to learn how to organize and manage your life better

If you are ready to be honest with yourself about what you want the next story in your life to be, to transcend your mind to live the life you deserve and take the necessary steps, then schedule a FREE Chat & Vibe Session …. to discuss how I can help you design a new story in your life.


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Global Testimonials of Impact

  • Lakeshia, I so appreciate your effort and support…I loved working with you. Your heart and discernment are amazing! I will definitely keep coming back and sharing your work with others.

    Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer in Chicago, Illinois

  • Absolutely fantastic! I am extremely pleased with my session and the work put into organizing my website. Lakeshia is wonderful and easy to work with so I highly recommend her.

    Norrisa of Believers in Australia

  • OMG! I am literally crying. Lakeshia did a fantabulous job for my business! I’m simply blown away by her creativity, professionalism, and expertise. She maintained consistent contact, helping me every step of the way. She really exceeded my expectations. My business thanks you!

    Leslienia R. in Atlanta, GA